Innovation and economy

A high level of innovation translates into a low cost economy.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Customer centricity drives innovation

A shift in organizational culture and systems from ,"Organization centric" to,"Customer centric" has the potential of triggering innovations not only in product or service but also in the entire system for delivering value to the customer as well as innovation in all elements of the organizational system with which the customer interacts thereby triggering not only product or service innovation but also innovation in organizational operational and communication systems.
Thus customer centricity creates a whole new perspective in relation to organizational and systems design.

Innovation in HR

Recently conducted a training program on,"Innovation in HR".Prima -facie it seems that innovation is inapplicable to HR.However after applying innovation tools and the innovation development process to HR,it becomes evident that innovations in HR are as big game changers as product and process innovations.Innovation in HR standard and staid HR concepts such as leave can bring about q transformation of the concept from a welfare concept and system into a motivational concept and system.